• Heating technology of the future

    Heating technology of the future

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    A beautiful panel. It can be very beautifully integrated with floor or wall tiles as well as with other materials.

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    Economical. Easy installation and maintenance

What is infrared heating?

Ceramic design with infrared technology

Infrared heating is a revolutionary form of transferring heat

Electromagnetic waves are converted into heat as soon as they come in contact with an object. The waves act like the sun.

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Healthy for the body.

  • Dry walls.
    Mold does not form.

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  • No maintenance required.
    It is inexpensive.
    The heating system takes up little space.

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For the environment

  • No need for gas or oil.
    It does not cause environmental pollution.

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The ThermoTile heating system


When using ThermoTile panels, 98.5 % of the consumed power is converted into heat. This heat is absorbed by the objects, walls, and people. The excess heat is immediately returned to the air.

Infrared heating systems reach temperatures comparable to those of tiled stoves (approx. 85 ° C). But there is no danger of burns. This is something that is called "cold heat".

Ceramic tiles in these heating systems allow for a variety of arrangements and design.

Beautiful panel.
Integrates beautifully with floor and wall tiles as well as other materials.

Technical specifications

ThermoTile infrared heating systems are available in different versions: One colour in white (off white) or gray as well as other colours—in the standard program and on special order. If the floor tiles are in a standard size, the heating system can be made using the customers’ tiles. ThermoTile can be painted by an artist. ThermoTile can be used with pictorial decorations.

The products are certified: EN 60335-2-30 DIE CE, VDE - and EPS - SMOG.

Size and power? How much power (W) is needed to heat the room?

It depends on how well the room is insulated.

Well insulated rooms need about 50–70 watts per square metre with a room height of 2.5 m; in the bathroom: 70–100 watts.

Good thermal insulation

Well insulated buildings:

  • 300x600 - 100 W - 2/3 mq
  • 600x600 - 230 W - 4/5 mq
  • 500x1000 - 480 W - 9/10 mq
  • 600x1000 - 500 W - 10/11 mq
  • 600x1200 - 550 W - 11/13 mq

Bad insulation

Poorly insulated buildings

  • 300x600 - 100 W - 1/2 mq
  • 600x600 - 230 W - 3/4 mq
  • 500x1000 - 480 W - 7/8 mq
  • 600x1000 - 500 W - 7/8 mq
  • 600x1200 - 550 W - 9/10 mq

Custom sizes on special order

ThermoTile Application

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ThermoTile panels can easily be used indoors and outdoors

At home and in the office as a main or supplementary form of heating.

Highly-valued in transition periods. They can be used in cottages, caravans, warehouses, exhibition halls, winter gardens.

Special places: campsites, boats, yachts, cattle barns, construction sites, for drying walls and bathrooms... .


  • Easy wall and
    ceiling assembly.

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  • ThermoTile heating is equipped with the necessary

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  • How do you start the ThermoTile heating
    and how is it utilized?

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